plagiarized ... again.

I don't seem to have made myself clear to kinky narry cupcakes or perhaps she just doesn't understand?

She posted my ChangMin/Junsu fic, Broken again, she did the usual changed the characters name and of course
took the credit for it.

She has no manners or respect for me.

She posted it here, a site which a reader pointed out to me Thank You but I 'm sorry I accidentallly deleted the message but thanks for the heads up!!

I can't access the site nor comment as it is all in Chinese!!

So anyone out there, please help me out? Let the readers there know what that bitch has done. This is the third time she's doing it and I think I'll just delete my account here.
I unlocked my fics for everyone to read and this happens.
I guess it doesn't matters to her as I bet she has kept a file secretly.

Broken? Yeah, like the fic I am.
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unlocking of fics.

Hello! Happy 2016.

I was happy to read about Junsu and Exid's Hani, although that doesn't mean I'm going to listen to Exid any time soon...
nor am I quitting to write about YooSu and JaeSu.

I hope this year will be a good year for all of us, especially Junsu.

I also am unlocking all my works. It takes time but some can be read, as we speak.
I sincerely hope no one takes this opportunity to plagarize my precious fics again, so keep a look out for me, ne?

Until the update of another one of my unfinished fics, annyeong!

EXO - Amsalja

Title: 암살자  Amsalja
Pairing: Baekhyun & Chanyeol of EXO
Length: Chaptered
Rating: G
Warning: contains death scene, might be uncomfortable to some.
Disclaimer: I don’t own EXO, but the story and plot are mine. Mine!
Summary: Some people have interesting jobs.

author's note: new year, new fics, new pairings, I hope you enjoy this one.
Collapse )

Thank You

Dearest friends and readers,
Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement, ideas and kind thoughts.
They kept me sane and calm.
Update on the plagiarism, I received a message from a girl who claims although she owns the account but that she isn't the original KinkyNarryCupcakes. She is a fan of the said person and don't know her personally. She only took the name (KinkyNarryCupcakes) when she opened an account with wattpad.
She apologized and said she didn't 'take' my story. She also immediately deleted PlayBoyNarry from her account.

Her explanation/story is rather confusing and filled with holes. Actually, I found it hard to believe. I am just grateful that she apologized, sounded remorse and kept her word of taking down the story.

There, I truly hope this nightmare wouldn't happen again to me or anyone else out there.

Once again, thank you so much for all your support. *hugs and more hugs and kisses*


Dear friends and readers,
I hate to whine but I think I deserve it.
My hard work has been plagiarized again.
Honestly does this bitch have no talent what-so-ever?
I am not the greatest writer in the world of fanfics but she seem to like my Broken and Under My Skin series a lot.

Last year thanks to cerinityks, I discovered my fics were posted without my permission on another site.
I thought I took care of that although I knew that, I'll call that monstrous person, Kinky, kept copies of the fics.
She managed to download all chapters of Broken, because when her 'fans' kept asking what was happening and why isn't the fic being continued she replied that she would email the rest of the story to them.
Luckily I locked  Under My Skin series just in the nick of time.
I demanded she delete all copies, she said she would but she lied.
Her account was purged and she remained quiet for some time.

A week ago, cerinityks send me a message informing me that the nightmare has started again!
Kinky reopened her account at Wattpad and reposted the whole story again. She renamed Broken, as Playboy Narry!

I am at a lost of what to do. All messages and emails to her are unanswered. The mods aren't bothering either.
Help me.

It hurts reading my words, my ideas, my blood and sweat, my dedication and hard work under someone else's name.
The worst bit, people think I am a jealous, crazy 'friend'/ even a stalker who wants credit. We, Kinky and I were and never will be friends.
I never gave her permission to repost any of my fics.

I'm sure you're read Broken, some, you know who you are .. a few times - Thanks so much! Here are all the hugs and kisses for you.
Go and see for yourself what Kinky has done to your favourite MinSu fic.

Help me tell them that Kinky plagiarized my work.

Thanks for reading this.
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